Friday, January 8, 2010

The Pot Calling the Kettle....

"The Pot calling the Kettle...."
Alberto N. Jones

A unilateral, absurd and baseless set of assumptions are used every year by bureaucrats of the US State Department, to label primarily small and poor nations around the world as Sponsors of Terrorism or quietly remove them from this financially crippling grouping, if they meekly comply with their demands or risk economical disaster.

The State Department most recent catalog include countries as diverse as Cuba, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and Yemen.

Although it is Cuba who has been under a fifty year asphyxiating embargo, was invaded at the Bay of Pigs, suffered the first bioterrorism attack in this hemisphere in 1971 and five successive ones, had an airliner blown-up in mid-air causing the death of 73 passengers, have suffered over 100 billion in financial damages, had 14,000 children under 17 years of age literally kidnapped under a CIA inspired Peter Pan project in 1962 and have promoted the illegal exodus of thousands of professionals trained in Cuba at no charge, to migrate to the enticing US job market.

Additionally, hundreds of millions of tax dollars are spent every year under the watchful eyes of US-AID, NED and fake foundations to keep Radio & TV Marti on the air for 25 years with no listeners; by pumping tons of subversive, pornographic, escapists and violent videos into Cuba, intended to corrupt the minds of teenagers, where no school have lost a child due to Columbine-type school violence in fifty years.

A well funded, twenty year old effort by the State Department to divide Cuba along racial lines is in full gear, attempting to re-enact the racial massacre of 1912, when over 3000 blacks were butchered with absolute impunity in eastern Cuba.

Yet it is the state of Florida and not Cuba, who harbors renowned terrorist Luis Posada Carriles and Dr. Orlando Bosch who have said publicly, "we placed the bomb in the airline killing 73, so what?"

It is Florida not Cuba, where General Vides Cassanova and Guillermo Garcia who murdered over 30,000 Salvadorians have found safe haven and live as celebrities with other graduates of the infamous School of the Americas, who have terrorized Latin America for half a century.

Name calling has always been easy.