Monday, February 15, 2010

Act Now in Haiti Before It is Too Late!

"Act now in Haiti before it is too late!"

Alberto N. Jones

February 15, 2010  

One month after the most devastating natural disaster to hit our hemisphere, only limited progress can be reported in Haiti, notwithstanding the unprecedented humanitarian outpouring of moral and material support from across the globe.

Miraculously, a massive infectious outbreak has not happen as yet, albeit thousands of decomposing bodies under the rubble in our harsh tropical environment, insufficient healthcare, lack of shelter, food, running water, basic sanitation and every possible vector spreading transmissible diseases among survivors.

Compounding the previous description will be, the arrival in a couple of months of the rainy season with over 350,000 schoolchildren roaming the streets without classrooms, missing their school year and risk becoming victims of every possible social ills, including human trafficking.

Could the monumental tragedy that lies ahead of us, be sufficient to bring the United States, European and Caribbean governments together, to present a concrete proposal to the Cuban government, -located less than 200 miles from the disaster site-, to receive, provide shelter, food, education, healthcare, sports, culture and all other ancillary child care for 50,000 - 100,000 of these victims?

No other country in this hemisphere have the infrastructure, logistics, human resources and expertise to tackle a problem of this magnitude, although Cuba’s acute financial woes may have hindered her from stepping forward.

No geographical, political, ideological or religious differences should become an acceptable excuse for innocent children to suffer or die.