Friday, January 16, 2009

I was Wrong, I am Sorry & I Apologize.

The brutal assault on the high seas of a humanitarian vessel heading to Gaza, lead me to re-read my views 18 months ago. Please evaluate and consider publishing. Thanks very much.

"I was Wrong, I am Sorry and I Apologize"

by Alberto N Jones

January 16, 2009

When I first saw in 1965 what Nazi Germany had done to the Jewish businesses and their communities in Leipzig, Dresden or Berlin, I was outraged.

When my female friend told me about the day after Kristalnackt, when her Jewish schoolmate and her entire family vanished, never to be seen again, I was angry.

When I read and saw pictures of how Jews were rounded-up, labeled and herded off into the unknown, which later turned out to be any of those infamousconcentration camps, I was sickened.

When we were taken to Buchenwald and our tour guides, who were survivors of this human monstrosity described the bestiality that took place in this encampment, ranging from hunger, forced labor, disease, mass murder, sadism, gas chamber, furnaces to broil humans or soap factory using human fat, was too revolting to believe it to be true.

When we were exposed to horrible films of box cars filled with humans as we would not do to animals, or bony bodies covered with skin being bulldozed into trenches, or children wearing horrible camp uniforms behind barbed wire, we despaired and fully supported the tragic end and the horrible human cost thatGermany paid for its barbaric actions.

Equating the tragic Jewish experience with that of my ancestors, who were ripped away from their homeland, chained to the hull of slow moving slave schooners undergoing weeks of grueling pain, sickness or death, thrown overboard and those genetically fit who survived such brutal voyage, were rewarded with hundreds of years of slavery, whippings, hunger, pseudo-freedom, illiteracy, racism, lynching, segregation etc., made it easy for me to be in solidarity and a strong supporter of these victims, concentrated in Israel.

My first indication that something was not quite kosher occurred when I was first exposed to Gamal Abdel Nasser articulating the nationalistic views of the Non-Aligned nations and Israel subsequent siding with colonial England, France and others against Egypt, for legitimately claiming back its canal.

When the seven days war erupted, I did not have most of the basic understanding to determine who was right and who was wrong. Like most other uninformed citizens, we saw and shared the mass-media perception, of a small nation “defending” itself against its large, aggressive neighbors.

The massacre of hundreds of innocents refugees in Sabra and Shatila at the hands of Ariel Sharon, butchered in the middle of the night by his henchmen with the support of most western powers, became the first full size picture of a morally compromised society with a decaying supremacist philosophy, that will eventually bury a nation that was created upon a victim syndrome and world sympathy.

Encouraged, tolerated and supported by every United States administration, the Zionist regime in Israel became bolder and bolder. They were no longer subjected to world opinion or international condemnation, knowing their prime supporter held a financial stranglehold that was capable of blackmailing most poor nations and veto power in every international organization.

Although the world was acutely aware of the vicious, inhuman and wanton deaths that Israel inflicted on a regular basis upon the Palestinian people, they had driven tens of thousands from their homes and turned into refugees across the middle east. Those left in Palestine, were forced into the world most dense, cramped human settlement in Gaza and the West Bank, over which the Zionist regime held absolute control over land, air, water and human movements.

As prisoners at the mercy of their master, willing to incarcerate the entire comunities at will, by closing its few crossing points, cut off all supplies, shut down financial remittances, control every individual movement through a pervasive infiltration of MOSSAD and an army of paid informants, keeping the entire population under total surveillance, terror and perennial poverty.

Wickedly controlling 80% of the water resources and subjecting the Palestinian to hunger through drought-scorched land, they openly brag about their racial superiority expressed in their greenery, agricultural production and Kibutz development, mostly dependent on semi-slave Palestinian migrant labor.

Not satisfied with controlling most of the land mass of this highly disputed region, President Ronald Regan strongly encouraged the creation of settlements or communities ripped away from Palestinians living on the West Bank, which was then given and guarded by thugs armed to the teeth, willing to shoot to kill any non-Jewish person, knowing they enjoyed complete immunity.

Tens of thousands of people purporting to be of Jewish background, desperately willing to emigrate from the Soviet Union, presented themselves to the world as innocent victims of a brutal communist system that deprived them of their right to practice their faith and culture, who were now emboldened and quick to shoot, killing Palestinian children like stray dogs.

Desperate, with no way out of such monstrous abuse, threatened by mercenaries brought from foreign lands, Palestinians youths were left with no other option than their heroic Intifada and the willingness of their children to be slaughtered by Israeli tanks, bulldozers and snipers.

Taking their desperation to its highest level, youngsters, females, elderly Palestinians were willing to assemble crude bombs, don explosive belts, walk into crowds of Israelis and pull the trigger, blowing themselves to bits with their oppressors.

Salaried journalists, mainstream media and others who have skillfully highlighted the scratches or minor destructions caused by primitive non-guidance rockets launched into Israel which seldom cause any human casualty, are mute in a concerted effort to hide or downplay, the massive destruction caused by their F-16, M-1, smart bombs and wide use of forbidden weapons, along with their undisguised threat of their nuclear arsenal.

Labeled as terrorists by those journalists willing to desecrate desperate people willing to go to such extreme, they never asked themselves, what have we done to these people to lead them to such drastic decisions? Is there anyone these journalists know, who are willing to blow up themselves for whatever amount of money they would be offered?

These are the simplistic, offensive tactics, geared to tarnish young men and women, robbed of their most basic human dignity, willing to give it all and pay the ultimate price on behalf of their people.

Although I do not condone these actions, I experienced first hand the tragic effects that massive abuse can inflict to the human physic. I clearly remember Batista’s murderers, armed to their teeth, pulling youngsters from their classroom, homes or off the streets, to be tortured, murdered, desecrated and their bodies left to rot by the side of highways.

What else were the Cuban people left with, except to learn how to make pipe bombs, Molotov cocktail and shoot any lone military or politician supporters of that rotten system and become part of a triumphant insurrection that wiped them forever out of that country?

Then came the most vicious onslaught on Lebanon with Israeli WW III weaponry in action, with the full complicity/support of President George W. Bush andSecretary of State Condoleezza Rice, they forcefully rejected any effort to stop this conflict in its early stage, confident, that Israel would reduce Hezbollah and south Lebanon to rubble, which to their consternation, turned out to be, a crushing defeat for the long time Middle East bully.

With the entire Knesset in turmoil, the military top brass pointing fingers at each other, their invading army retreating with their tail between their legs and a born-again peace-loving Condoleezza Rice shuttling back and forth to avoid a more embarrassing unraveling of their most powerful repressive forces in the region, she was now bent on penning a truce.

This embarrassing defeat of the Israeli Defense Forces in south Lebanon became a great lesson for the region, by teaching everyone, that a new, successfulmilitary strategy was capable of breaking the spine of the IDF and destroying its myth of invencibility.

Attempting to restore the Israeli Defense Forces morale, fear factor and invincibility , they actively sought an easy prey which they identified in Gaza, where Hamas had overwhelming won the past election. This political setback led them unleash a full scale blockade, encircle the region, cut off all basic supplies, shut off remittances, impose strict human mass incarceration and constant spying on the area with unmanned aerial vehicles, helicopter gunship, fighter jets, armed drones, willing to shell and send rocket into dense populated areas, assassinating with impunity, irrespective of being a child or an 80 year old paraplegic in a wheel chair.

Assuming Gaza had been sufficiently softened, they launched in December a full scale, murderous assault on a densely populated area, using their most sophisticated war machine and murderous live phosphorous, banned by international laws.

In a disproportionate killing of 120:1 Palestinians, mostly civilians, of which, three hundreds were children, was the trophy that Tipzi, Olmert, Barack or Perez and many more criminals, are attempting to add to their resume, as others before them, did in Germany during the 40’s.

Still, the only thing that is clear, is that the world have come to know them. No longer can they hoist the victim banner, sing the hymn of the abused, attempt to justify their wicked actions with anti-Semitism which have served them so well for the past 60 years. What they have shown the world over time, is no different to what the forefathers of today’s military and political leaders of the Israeli government endured in Germany, when they enjoyed the entire world sympathy.

My sentiments betrayed me, I extracted the wrong conclusion and I am sorry for having supported those who are willing to do worst to other defenseless individuals.